THE STORY OF JOHN “GRIZZLY” ADAMS (Music and words by Dani Limerose)

Back in forty nine,
on the Trail of California, we were heading for the goldmines
down the trail to Sutter´s Mill

It was raining hard,
and the men were tired and weary from a journey on the lines
of the river banks at will

T´was the days of golden dreams
forgotten as it seems
the quest for gold!

As the night broke on,
we were camping at the Tejon Pass, when suddenly a grizzly
came a roaring t´wards our camp

We all frowned to stone,
as there was no chance to run, alas, he´d get us in the darkness
running wildly in the swamp

Then we heard a whistle blow
and the bear stopped short, you know

this tale untold!

So I came to meet,
our saviour standing high and tall, John Adams was his name
and they called him Grizzly John
He was six n half feet
and he told us he had heard the call
for help we had directed t´wards Our Holy Son

T´was a night I can´t forget
when the stage was almost set
t´wards disaster for us all
now you´ve heard my story roll

this tale unfold !

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