Hello everyone!

thanks to everyone for you direction and some good construction ideas on the song "Book Of Life"

Here is another song that I wrote and I just completed the tracks to it last night. I tried to keep it simple (which is hard to do with all the awesome real track instruments!)

The song is called "My Father's Love"

All real tracks were used (each track was edited as needed for the song)

RT1827_ Bass, Electric, PopModernGrooveA-B Ev16 (used on verses)
RT366_ Bass, Electric, Country Ev 065 (used on chorus)
RealDrums-PopModernGrooveSync16 (used on verses - edited)
RealDrums-NashvilleEven8 (used on chorus)
RT1538 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopBelieveHeld (used only in selected areas for emphasis)
RT362_ Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming (used on last chorus)
RT2051 Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking CountryBrent (first chorus and ending tag)
RT1542 Piano, Acoustic (used on verses)
RT2045 Piano, Acoustic (used on chorus and various sections on verses)
RT673 Organ, B3, Background Blues

The song is posted on my webpage as a download:

I tried to keep it simple, I hope that it worked. let me know your honest thoughts and constructive ideas, good or bad. Like is shared before, that is how I learn. I have no real musical training - just writing and using Real Band to express my love for music.

All my best!
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