... any one have issue with point of view (~2nd, past tense) used and the stating that it was a divorce celebration and knowing all the the names? I've got a couple of folks telling me that since the singer couldn't know what was happening at the table and the people's names, the story is shot down from the start.

I figured that since it was past tense, those facts could be known. Of course, it could be 2nd person with a touch on omniscient thrown it!

Pat: Yes I am playing that short lead part, it needs another take or two, though. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment.

boehm: I threw those claps in there, to see what I thought about them. I either have to take them out or add to them. Thanks for the visit!

ROG: I'll try that on the drums, thanks for stopping by and the suggestion.

Floyd: It's hard to make the bridge different all the time, gotta keep trying stuff. Piano could be a tad loud here and there, I need to tame that a bit. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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