I think you've latched onto a clever and commercially viable theme for your songs! There's always interest in history and the documentaries that portray it. ESPECIALLY anything about the American civil war will be of interest to a lot of people.

This composition was good in all the usual ways... your mixing is always nailed, your vocals are proven on every song, and your concept is spot on!

The only thing that might keep this from being licensed to PBS for a documentary is that the style of the song is not authentic to the period. But as pure entertainment it works for me!

side note:
the first casualty of the war may have been related to me

lyrics are usually secondary to me, and I focus mostly on the music. I just went back and looked at the lyrics, and I have to say they're very well written. The rhymes aren't forced, the points you make are all worth making and still make sense today. You're gifted in many ways. Good job!

Edited by Pat Marr (06/20/13 10:34 AM)