The guitar work on this is all courtesy of Rodney Gene (TexasHeartRush).

I did a version of this song on my first CD about a year ago. That was before I had BIAB.
Since I had played everything on the original version, I thought I might be able to improve on it using the BIAB musicians.
That was working out pretty well. Some nice drums, bass and electric guitars that were WAY better played than what I can do. I recorded some acoustic guitars to give it some sheen.

Rodney had heard the origianl and suggested that if I ever re-worked it, that he might help out.
I sent him what I had, with the electric guitars removed so he could "work his magic".
He asked that I remove the acoustics (so they weren't in his way).
He then suggested that he lay in the bass track as well, so I removed the original of that, too.
Which left the drums and vocals.
He then asked if it was okay for him to "tighten up" the drums - well, yeah! (Not sure what that involved).

After all that, I added in some piano (RealTracks), and voila!


Guitars by Rodney Gene (TexasHeartRush)
Bass by Rodney Gene (TexasHeartRush)

RealTracks in song: 1726:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm HonkyTonkJohn Ev 120
RealDrums in Song: NashvilleEven8^1-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride

The harmonies are mostly me... with the BIABettes mixed in low.

Crank it up! Hope you enjoy it. Comments encouraged.