coming back to listen again...

I am very impressed by the way the realtracks and the Dimension Pro instruments work together. A lot of hobbyist New Age productions don't sound good because they are using all MIDI, and they haven't invested in a reasonably good synth.

IMO, you really got some realistic sounds going, not only in this song, but also in most of your other songs in the YouTube collection

Its not hard to put a bunch of chords together then blend sustained chords together with some effects... but your songs also have interesting instrumental parts fading in and out all the time. Did you play any or all of that? Or is it generated by the style? Either way it sounds good to my ear.

Forgive me if a lay the praise on a bit thick, but New Age is one of my preferred genres. Whereas I never listen to many of the genres that are most commonly posted to the forum, in this case I listen first for pleasure, THEN for evaluation.