My wife does not like this type of music. She seh's its depressing.

Thank you!

I listen to folks like you and other performers with great deal of
musical knowledge, lyrics, vocals and performance abilities.
All of you have set the bar pretty darned high.
I thank you for the music compliments very much.

Do not consider myself an artist, still working on that part.
Just want to create/make nice music, decent to listen to and entertain.

Thanks for you generous comments!


Glad you enjoyed it!
Thank you!

Pat & Pat,

About 3 years ago when getting Into BIAB and other goodies
this was also a change for me.
The tools, sounds, Realtracks, the overall software abilities
with a little music and techie knowledge opened up more windows.

Yes on Dim Pro and Rapture, have thousands of voices, instruments, sounds
good deal don't know how to use. Stick to the factory voices/instruments
for now. Don't really count, but have spent so many hours auditioning
the sounds. There are more than 12 am familiar with, but still learning.

I agree with Mac 100%. Realtracks can only compare to live musician
sitting in the room with you. The newer Soft Synth's can also do a
very good job, but harder to work with. Big advantage is Midi's ability
to play notes, single/chords or other groupings. This along with
Soloist abilities can be very complimentary to the music.

Thank you!

Am grateful to all of your Accolades. laugh blush blush

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