First feel very guilty about not monitoring and commenting on
the showcase performers and their music.

Link below is to unique findings last night that allowed me,
along with BIAB style using John Jarvis outstanding playing
of the single super midi track style(M_BZ128P) used in this music.
The algorithms used by PG folks in coding this style is above reproach.
Also the new Addictive Keys Synth enabled by jazzmandan's posting
of Stupid deal of the day. In the link are some pro's primarily sound
and cons..... over there.

Very little FX, AK contains some amount. For this music Uprignt Yamaha U3
was miked for front stereo. Also their piano style selection does contain
some amount of default FX.

In Realband use PG Dynamics default settings with about 5db gain.
Also used Sonitus Multiband using soft compression.
The dynamics of John Jarvis playing and also the AK dynamics leave the
ballpark fairly often, and the above helped this.
Adding these FX I feel did detract a bit, but still decent.

With the chords used in the music and sounds made me feel Happy, hence
the title.

Don't mind comments one bit, they are ways to improve and learn.

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