The voice of Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Colin Clive, from the movie of 1931.
Composer, Arranger, Guitar: Aleck Rand

RealTracks artists

Keyboard: Jeff Lorber
Bass: Vernon Barbary
Drums: Terry Clarke
Trumpet: Ron King
Tenor Sax: Eric Marienthal

Voice of the creature: ??????

In the original 1931 movie classic, Dr. Victor Frankenstein jolts life into an inert assembly of body parts by exposing it to the energy of lightning. The viewers - the ones that didn't flee in terror as thousands did - saw in the rolling of the cast:

Playing the creature: ?

Of course, it turned out to be Boris Karloff playing the lumbering, demented and not very sympathetic monster. But it could have been different. The creature could have turned out to be a funky, struttin' dude with a wicked sense of humor. He could have even been a guitar player.

The revisionist sound track might go like this: