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Pat - with that genius brain of yours, I would have thought that the relation between the two names would be trivially obvious. But we all have blind spots. Let's see if someone else will supply the answer first ... unless you've already gotten it. The RAND-omly chosen is way too clever. Look down at Floyd's remark.


Oh MAN! Now I feel like an idiot!

I figured it was an anagram, but I stopped looking for one when I couldn't come up with something. And once I knew your real name it didn't occur to me to re-evaluate the letters as an anagram in light of that info. Very clever!

Interestingly, I just got back from reading the 7 stages of Alzheimers at ALZ.ORG. I meet all the symptoms for stage 3 and some of 4. I should probably be scared, but I think one of the advantages of being stupid is that you don't always know when it's appropriate to be scared. So I'm just gonna be happy and test that old saying about ignorance and bliss