Dear all,

I was just working my way through the various forums here and stumbled across a couple of posts by georgeptingley. Many in this forum may not know of him. He's an outstanding jazz pianist.

Before we had the "User Showcase" forum, songs were posted in a number of different places. These are from georgeptingley and WELL worth listening to. (The links in his posts are still live.)

1. link to The Saints Go Marching In

2. link to Summertime

If you enjoy them, drop George an email or private message and say so smile I haven't seen him on these channels for a few years.

George's contact details are on his PG Music User site found here.


P.S. After finding "Summertime", I did a search and discovered that it's now 76 years since George Gershwin died. Time flies! I wonder if that means that Gershwin's melodies are now public domain?

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