Here's a song I wrote a while ago but never posted (as far as I remember, at least).

link: Brighter Than Any Star (audio) - on Soundcloud

The demo is sung by Jason Wyatt. He is also playing the two electric guitars heard in the mix as well as providing the vocal harmonies. If ever you need a demo done, I highly recommend Jason. He's incredibly good. All else you hear is Band In A Box and Realtracks. I mixed the song using Reaper and polished it up using Ozone.

Background ...

In 2010, when this song was written, I was playing around with song sections that had an odd numbers of bars. This was because I was experimenting with Pat Pattison's theory of 'stable versus unstable'. As a consequence, if you have a look at the lead sheet, you'll see that this song has a 3-bar introduction and 9-bar verses. If Pat's theory is correct, this should help boost the emotional intensity of the song!

The leadsheet can be download at the below link.

link: Brighter Than Any Star (leadsheet)

As always, please feel free to comment about anything.


P.S. You will probably hear Steve Young's influence in the arrangement of the mix. When assembling this arrangement, I regularly asked myself, "What would Steve do at this point in the song?" Those thoughts helped a great deal when decisions needed to be made. Steve's songs have given me lots of insight into how to get things to sound professional. Thanks Steve smile


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