So, this is the second song I wrote during the Song Challenge time window.... The first, Christmas Without You was Pat's idea, and this one is mine. Pat and I did the writing on both.

Merry Christmas From Kandahar

I spent quite a bit of time on this, and have put together a video as well. Some info on the video. My Nephew, Sgt Kris Huff supplied many of the pics in this, so you'll get to see him and his wife (and dog. The second verse has pictures from my childhood, including me and my little brother as well as mom and dad.

Video for Kandahar

The tracks are:

Drums Real drums nashville outlaw 10 snare ride
Bass 519
Electric guitar 1705 (comped from 3 tracks)
B3 686
Piano 1729
Acoustic guitar 2 tracks of Taylor recorded live
5 vocal tracks of 3 lead/layer and 2 harmony

Enjoy....and be sure to hit both and video.

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