It was new years day 2008. Me and my girlfriend at the time, she was the inspiration for this song, were in the kitchen making gumbo. I had recently been to see Walt Wilkins at Gruene Hall and while there I noticed all the women were in a semi-circle by the stage and mesmerized by Walt. He had a full brown beard, golden hair just past his shoulders and deep blue eyes.

I started pacing and was restless so I grabbed a pen and my guitar and this song flowed out. All of the artists in the song are Texas song writers.

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Another Apostle (1-1-2008)

My girlfriend is looking for another apostle
It’s the ones that look like Jesus turn her on
A guitar, a beard, hair down to just about here
Ray Wylie and Walt Wilkins and so on

She drags me to their concerts, she says she loves the music
I think there’s something else going on
She says I should believe her, it’s just americana fever
But it’s the ones that look like Jesus turn her on
The ones that look like Jesus turn her on

And when I get her home I know I can’t go wrong
I sing the words to her favorite Hays Carll song
It ain’t hard to excite her ‘cause she’s thinking about Bob Schneider
It’s the ones that look like Jesus turn her on


So I bought this here guitar and I learned to hum a tune
And I writ me up an americana song
And I’m studying on that beard, growing my hair down to my rear
Hope there’s some in this bar I can turn on!

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