Hey Guys and Gals,

This is a ballad Charlene and I wrote that was recorded years ago by one of Nashville's most well known producers for an indie country artist. It's one of my favorite songs of ours and I thought why not have some fun....so....

Using all RTs, I did a new arrangement. I had in mind an enwrapping slightly orchestral ensemble vibe. I used cello, a fiddle I edited to play along with and counter to the cello, a single fingerpicking guitar, sparse big sounding drums and me singing. I really wanted some of the drums with no cymbals but wasn't able to get that so the cymbals are there and toned down. Mixed in Reaper.

Here Comes The Night

As always, thank you for listening and comments welcome.


RTS: Fiddle #787, Guitar #365, Cello #1856, Drums - for some reason I changed the track name in RB to "drums" now not sure which set I used. LOL! <blush>

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