PG music friends. This is a song that I never could get to sound decent in a demo until I got BIAB. It uses a jazz combo with acoustic (can't remember exactly which one)
Hope you enjoy. Take care. Greg


You like to watch the risin’ sun
I fall out of bed about noon, and put my dark glasses on
I dig them wee wee hours, and you like it bright
Baby, you like the day, I like the night

I’ve seen a Summer’s day bring life into your eyes
Makes me wonder if you got the power to photosynthesize
I dig them sleepy clubs, piano blues and neon light
Baby, you like the day, I like the night

But sometimes we meet in the middle in those groovy twilight hours
Where our biorhythms intersect at the point of equal power
Later, we might go our separate ways
But we own the time that ain’t quite night and ain’t quite day

I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a pair like you and I
But this ain’t the first time that Cupid let his crooked arrow fly
We got our hearts in tune but our timing ain’t quite right
Cause baby, you like the day, I like the night

I like the night
Afternoon is just alright
I like the night