Wow up to my fourth song with this one. When I was a kiddy, when my mother would ask my dad to do something, like fix a shelf, he would always say "its on my list" meaning it will get done but not necessarily today. This got me thinking about long term relationships and the fact that after a while you start taking your partner for granted, whilst always knowing that you should be perhaps trying a bit harder, until, one day, its too late. So this song is about that.
It was done with BIAB and Reaper and makes use of the hall string quartet and a cello, again the first time I have tried either of those.
Hope you like it. Criticism and/or lavish praise blush always welcome.
I am working on a video to go with it which should be ready in a couple of days.
Thanks you so much for listening it means a lot.
On my List
Cheers Steve