Hi, friends !

You would not believe it, but
Spring is really in the air up here
in the cold North !!!!:))
This made me dust off a song
I wrote back in 1992 and sang
on the record of that same year !:))

The original lyrics are in Swedish
so the english lyrics will not rhyme !


As a curiosity I add the original track from
the record (me singing and playing my ovation)


The BIAB version is recorded and mixed in Mixcraft 6
with the following instruments:

Bass 366 El Bass Country
Drums Nashville even 16 1 Sidestick Ride
Guitar 896 12 St AC rhytm Folk rock
Strings 363 Pedal Steel Background Ev 085
Soloist 51 Synth Strings 1

Solos on both tracks played by Dani on Ovation AC Guitar

Lyrics (English Free Translation)

SPRING HAS COME AGAIN (Våren är kommen åter by Dani)

Soon there´ll be spring
you can feel it arriving
with warm winds so gentle
caressing your chin, and your skin!
Winter is on the run when
every day grows brighter and longer again
birds in the sky returning
scream out their joy,
their long trip is nearing it´s end
Icefloes adrift
melt away on the ocean
and defrosted water
flows freely as rills, what a thrill!

Winter is on the run when
every day grows brighter and longer again
watch how the well with water
gushes itself along thru the thawening mire


Nights getting brighter
and deepfrozen souls there
awakening again
to the simmering life, what a life!

Give me a time like springtime
dripping from roofs and snow crust and sunshine above
Give me a time like springtime
that is the time I want to live forever ,I will
Oh yes I will !!!!

©Dani Lindroos 1992