This song uses a mix of tracks from PG styles DRJON_E and CBOOG1E, two styles I initially couldn’t decide between. But I ended up using the piano track from DRJON (it’s midi, played through a Ketron SD2) and the DRJON bass track (also midi, playing the Upright Studio Bass software instrument that comes with Logic Pro). I took the RealDrums from CBOOG1E, along with one of CBOOG1E’s electric guitar real tracks (the one that is actually to be found on that style’s piano track). I borrowed the harmonica from another PG style's real track, don’t recall which one right now. The only thing I actually played is the steel string acoustic guitar (via keyboard - another software instrument) that’s working against the harmonica in the break. The vocal harmonies were generated via the new FlexPitch feature in Logic Pro X. All comments welcome.