Hello PG music community. This is the last song from an independent release CD that I finished last Summer entitled "Songs from the Box". Bet you wonder why I used that title. I used an acoustic picked guitar and fretless (don't remember the ones exactly). I am currently working on a second CD "More from the box"? I'll keep you posted as they are in listenable shape. Happy Easter and take care. Greg



Sometimes uncertainties in life almost seem to much to cope with
Never knowing just what changes time may bring about
But we have minds to shape our dreams and we have hearts that we can hope with
And maybe that’s enough to overcome our deepest doubts

Still we might leave a bit of room among the plans that we are making
A bit of wonder to view our future through
For isn’t it not knowing that makes the journey worth the taking?
And aren’t all dreams worth having even though most won’t come true?

So I will sail this ship of life with passion and direction
Yet maintain a deep respect for the temper of the sea
And I will try to hold at bay the doubts and fears that pull me under
Riding high upon the wonder of what might be

Remember how you felt at the time you saw your first crush?
From the moment that you wondered if it might be right
There was something in her smile that hit so hard it made your heart rush
Even faster than it did when you first held her tight

Yet there’s this need we feel inside for having and for holding
And there’s a fear in the uncertainty we face
But the poetry of life is in it’s magical unfolding
And the doubt we’ve come to fear could be the promise we embrace

So I will sail this ship of life……