I like the 3/4 feeling of this. Not too often do you hear something in 3/4 time these days.

Nice song.

I'm not a fan of the vocal aspect. Plain and simple, and this is my opinion. Take it anyway you wish.... if that is a vocal effect, don't use it. The use of vocal FX are rarely going to enhance a song and make it better. Especially in the country genre.
If, on the other hand that's not a FX..... hummm...

IMHO, a clean, well recorded vocal track that highlights the singer's voice and conveys the song and it's lyrical message is generally always the best option.

I have known a bunch of home recording hobbyists through the years who tried to use FX to cover up what they thought was a "horrible singing voice" or a less than stellar recording. It's much better to record and let the chips fall where they may.

Using FX to cover up deficiencies, real or imagined, simply hides the real issue and to work towards getting the best vocal recording you can get, you have to hear what's really going on. Once you hear what's happening, you can work on the fixes.

I'm not a great singer by any means, but I went through that very phase myself and a wise old friend on another forum called it to my attention. The only fx I use on a vox track now is reverb, and very lightly. Proper EQ, some compression and let it roll.

Get a good mic, mount it on a stand, put a pop filter 1" in front of it, and sing pretty close to it. Get a strong signal level out of it and hit record. That's all I do these days. Nothing fancy.
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Add nothing that adds nothing to the music.

As the sword chooses the warrior, so too, the song chooses the writer.