Hi Everyone ...

Thanks to all who took some of their valuable time to give this a listen and then for the warm comments. I hope you'll be okay with me answering everyone with a single, generic reply. As you probably know, I always answer everyone individually. But, with the medical issues our granddaughter has, and us packing up to move out of state to be closer to her, time is at a premium.

We're delighted everyone enjoyed their listen. Country is one of my favorite genres. Although I think I'm pretty danged decent at playing it, my voice really isn't country. Gad it worked on this one, though!

Someone commented the bass and drums were set back quite a bit in the mix ... that was intentional. It kind of has a Doc Watson feel to me and Bluegrass doesn't use drums, as a general rule. Although this isn't true Bluegrass, it kind of has that feel to it. That's why the drums are mixed low. I had the bass line a little louder, but in places (primarily the higher notes) it had a scratchy, sound ... almost like a squeal. I couldn't get rid of it (tried redoing the track several times but didn't like any of them as much as the one used), so I just dropped it back a bit.

Glad it brought back a few memories for some of you! Again, thanks to all who dropped in and left a kind word. We truly appreciate it!!!!

Alan & Di

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