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It's all been said so all that I can add is this is outstanding!

You did a great job on the instrumentation and the vocals are top notch all the way.

great job!

Thanks! We appreciate you noting the instruments and the vocals.

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B & J& floyd, There is a lot to like here. Janice=great vocal and harmonies. Bud = great arrangement and mix. Also terrific editing on the solos. That can be very time consuming. floyd=great bg vocals and mix. Mastering is nice and clean. The banjo sounds especially good here. It is always the loudest in the band. Ain't that right Bud? The ending is fantastic. A super job again by the three of you. Tom

Thanks Tom! Yep those solos were tedious and, yep, the banjo and mando chop have to carry the rhythm on an up temp BG tune like this. Thanks for noting the vocals. Floyd and Janice did good on them.