Friday 5-Pack

JonD came over a few weeks ago and said let's do something really different. So we did a jazz piece with a smooth 50's sound against a 5/4 time signature with a couple of free jazz style bridges.

We used Biab style Even 5/4 meter - About time.

The drums were modified during the free jazz style bridges and the ending but the rest is straight from BiaB.

The strings were changed to a pad sound.

We deleted the rest of the tracks and replaced them as follows:
JonD is playing the EP rhythms and the Vibe leads.

I am playing the bass, rhythm and lead guitar parts. I am also playing the Tenor sax part via my wind controller.

This may not be your cup of tea but we had fun doing this!
If you answer the phone with "Hello, you're on the air" most telemarketers will quickly hang up!

64 bit Win 10 Pro - the latest BiaB and RB - Roland Octa-Capture audio interface - a ton of software and some hardware.