Alternate to SoundCloud: Conversion Blues

After several 12 bar blues tunes we decided to have a go at the 8 bar alternative — not the most common but it certainly worked for “Key To The Highway” and many others.

So I wrote some double entrendres for Janice to riff off of and she quickly came up with a melody and even more quickly recorded it. Mr jane kindly offered his new found blues chops again and following a short exchange of messages this is what emerged after mashing up some blues, country and jazz RT's.

Thanks for taking your time to listen and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Janice & Bud

Vocal: Janice
Guitar Lead: floyd jane

Bass RT 1392 Jazz (diced/spliced to fit my bass player mentality)
Piano RT 2047 Country Swing
Guitar Rhythm 566 Blues
Drums Jazz Brushes

Rodes NT1 mic interfaced to Logic Pro X via Blue Icicle
Mixed in Logic
No mastering (the rare one)
All reverb via Ozone Necter's EMT-140 Plate Emulation

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