My dear friends,

allow me to introduce you to a new children's song that I composed and realized with BIAB.

The idea behind the song was, that children experience bad days especially intense. They also lack the experience that time heals all wounds. If a child has a bad day it thinks that the rest of its life will be black….

For this brief moment of desperation my song shall be the medicine. It is not a great composition, but a children's song. I hope they will like it and sing to her black days,

We made the Song with kids in the age of 10-12.

Enjoy it… Schwarze Tage (Black Days)

The lyrics;

Black Days

(Steffen at the Table)
Black days, when the morning stinks
when it is clear that the day will bring nothing to me
black days, that drowns the joy
and all laughter runs against the walls

(Mia at school, got a bad grade)
The black days, the days in minor
I have no plan what to do
the black days where nothing succeeds
when I kick like stupid and I can’t get further
these black days ... ..

Short solo (Lou buried her rabbit in the forest)

(Jule in the dark)
Black days without light
I stand in the dark, you do not see me
the black days want to tear me
but I will defend myself, I will scratch and bite


There will be a morning and the sky will be blue
my heart will fly, it will be exactly so,
as I want it and how I like it.
it will happen and that will be MY day

It will be bright again, the sun will shine
The whole world sparkle in all colors
There will be no darkness … never again
Everything will be motley… and that’s life!
That is life….

Short solo (Lara argues with Mia)

(Lara running down the street)
Your black days, how I hate you,
because I want all and miss anything
Black days, I'm so alone
Everything is wrong, it should be different

(Lou doing a too much of homework on the table)
Black days, november morning
lull in the stomach, head full of worries
you black days will not catch me,
I'm stronger than you, I will vanquish you

Chorus (2 times)