Hey... cool sound. I like the fat tone on the guitar.

What drums are you using? They don't quite sound like BB/RB to me. Reason being, the snare is pretty loud compared to the rest of the kit. PG drums tend to be more balanced.

Edit: you mentioned that this was the song you lost the SGU file on due to a HD crash. I pointed out that I keep backup copies off the computer.... but.... I never sweat it if I end up losing a file. I have head some occasions where a backup from a CD was corrupted or in other ways, non-readable. Just start again from square one..... rebuilding a song in BB might take 30 minutes, perhaps an hour if I take my time.

NO biggie.... it doesn't take long with BB to rework the song again from scratch. AND.... what I have found out is that as time passes, and my skills improve, the second version is generally better than the first one anyway. I apply the same logic to my guitar solos in my music. I never layer or record multiple copies of guitar solo's. I always DELETE the existing one and go for broke from scratch every single time. My reasoning again is that if I played it before, I can play it again, but better the next time. And this practice has NEVER failed to yield a better solo. I stop once I am satisfied that I have an interesting part recorded.

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