Thank you all for your nice words.

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.... oh yes, BIAB is in there somewhere too, right?

Everything ist BIAB, I mean all instruments. I exported the tracks of all instruments to wavefiles. Sometimes, if I needed different guitars in different sytles I changed the style of the song in BIAB and exported one more guitar-track to wave.

I imported the waves to reaper made the fadeins and fadeouts. In the song you can hear solos of guitars and of a harp. Same thing: Created in BIAB, exported to waves and cut in a daw (reaper, which is a 40-$-daw).

It's a little bit like cutting video.

My workflow is a little bit "try-and-error"

After that I took all the tracks (waves) and brought them to a prof. recording studio. The guy just added some crashes and a basedrum in the chorus. And of course, he did all the effects, because I brought all waves "dry"

The rest.... the kids smile



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