Hi Floyd ...

Glad you enjoyed it. I really like this style of music but it has a limited audience. So, I write it for myself and hope a few other folks might like it too.

Everything you hear is straight from BIAB ... didn't run it through a DAW ...raw tracks from BIAB. I just took a style, added some instruments (replaced some of the tracks that came with the style, threw in a couple of chords and that was it!). Absolutely **nothing** has been done to the tracks other than what I did with the mixer in BIAB. As I said, all the tracks are raw ... lifted straight from BIAB and used Audacity to get the MP3 ...didn't manipulate anything with Audacity other than the volume of the stereo mix-down.

The horns were part of the style sample. I kept the horns, the drums and the bass from the original and replaced everything else.

This literally took me about two hours and forty-five minutes from beginning to posted on Soundclick.

Thanks for the kind words. Hope I answered your question. best to you ...

Alan & Di
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