One of the things I like about upgrading to a new BIAB version is that it gets me digging through RealTracks (new and old), searching for new songs that may be hidden in them. For this one, I was playing with a style called =ROKJZEV and I really liked the feel of the song demo. So I started with that, changed some chords, re-arranged, added horns and (RT) lead guitar, and replaced the two MIDI tracks with RealTracks. Then I started scatting to that, and "Stay a While" was the result. Although the rest of the parts are Even feel, the RT bass is Swing feel, and it seems to work. Sounds good to me anyway. I was thinking of Al Green and Steely Dan while playing with this, FWIW. Dreaming of the big leagues. smile

I plan to add harmonies and background vocals, so this is a work in progress with a scratch lead vocal. Suggestions welcome!

Thanks for listening,

Key=F , Tempo 100, Length (m:s)=4:28
Style is =RKJEVBI.STY ()
RealTracks in song: ~903:Bass, Electric, SmoothCool Sw16 100
RealTracks in style: 2196:Piano, Electric, Rhythm JazzRock Ev16 100
RealTracks in style: 924:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BossaGrooveComp Ev 110
RealTracks in style: 2110:Horn Section, Background, R&B Ev16 110
RealTracks in style: 1650:Guitar, Electric, Soloist JazzFunkGroovin Ev16 110
RealDrums in style: LaPopJazzLaidbackEv16: a: Snare, HiHat b: Snare, Ride
Vocals, effects, and mix done in Sonar X3 Producer.

Stay a While

I cried when you called me baby
Talking bout running away
I tried every argument
To get you to stay
Burning up in a blaze of glory
I pray we're not the same sad story
You never wanna think it can happen to you

I've seen how rays of sunshine always make you smile
I could be your sunny day if you could stay a while

I lied when my friends came over
Askin' what's up with you
I said something about your sister
And you'd be back soon
I lie awake till the cold, gray morning
I know you tried to give me fair warning
I got a lotta growing up to do


I hope I can find the strength to turn myself around
Cause if I lose the light, the light I found in you
What will I do? I love only you

INSTR 1/2 verse

Burning up in a blaze of glory
This doesn't have to be our story
Look outside, the clouds are blowing away


Words & music by Bruce Irving
Blog: Music of the Spheres
Tools: BIAB 2015, Sonar X3, various iPhone/iPad apps