Thanks for these helpful comments. It definitely is a work in progress, and it will either have a fade or a proper in-key ending when it's done.

The problem with virtuosic RT solos like the ones I used here is that they are so cool, you just want to use them, but you also need to question whether they work for the song, cool or not. So Charlie's thoughts are right on.

Same with the drums - I thought they worked, but maybe something funkier would work better. I will try out other options in BIAB before I go back to Sonar. I have some time booked with my producer at the end of the month to work on a few of my in-progress tracks. He's a fine guitarist and drum programmer and has great ears. He may want to just keep the horns (but I think keys and rhythm guitar are working too). He will also help me work out some non-obvious but cool harmonies and BG vox.

Thanks again,
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