SIDE EFFECTS (For those with SoundCloud issues: Side Effects )

Happy New Year everybody and thank you for your support, encouragement and your listening time over the past year. We appreciate you one and all!

Hey, ever get tired of the prescription drug ads (at least in the US) on tv and in all the magazines? And then there's the invariable listing of side effects they always throw at you.....thinking about them inspired this eight bar blues tune featuring Janice on vocals and Tom Adams (tommyad) on lead guitar. We welcome comments!

Vocal: Janice/Rodes NT1/Blue Icicle USB
Guitar Lead: Tom Adams ( Thanks Tom!!
Bass: RT 1392 Jazz Ballad SW Very Simple
Piano R: RT 2167 Country Swing SW
Piano Solo (fills): RT 2047 Country SW
Drums: RD Blues Rock
Guitar R: RT 566 Blues SW (amp sim via Logic Pro X)
(All RT's and the Drum Track were comped from multiple regens)

Mixing: Logic Pro X
Effects/Mastering: Nectar 2/Ozone 6

Side effects

I get side effects from you baby yes I do
Yeah they come from hanging round you
Maybe I should have read your label cause
When you're away they make me blue

I get side effects every time you walk by
They always make me feel oh so high 
Maybe I should have read your label cause
My heart flutters when you catch my eye

I get side effects when I'm in your arms
They come on quick and set off my alarms
Maybe I should have read your label cause
I get dizzy when you turn on your charms

I get side effects when you call me sweetheart
when you say I'm yours they always start
Maybe I should have read your label cause
They run my temperature right off the chart 

Come on baby give me some side effects

© 2015 Janice & Bud Merritt
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