No problem Floyd, I'll start printing lyrics with each new song.

ROCKIN' 1978

ADA Rocking, we were sailing. Oh how we were wailing
AC#mE Standing in the light, a thousand eyes looking at me
ADA Jumping, we were prancing. Oh how we were dancing
AC#mE And the notes made love together so heavenly.
AD AD ADE Oh so heavenly (chorus)

AD You might have heard about the band and me.
AD We had a hit back in '83.
AD It even played on MTV,
E but then we had some problems with the company

AD Terry wrote the songs and played a fast guitar
AD Now he tells his story from behind a bar
AD Sometimes he gets a check from the BMI
E but he remembers the days when we lit the sky

Chorus - solo

AD Dennis played bass and sang the harmony
AD He came to us from Harvard with a law degree
AD He might have done better if it weren't for me
E But now he owns his own record company

AD Ricky still is drumming in an Eastern town
AD He plays the bar mitzvahs and he gigs around
AD Nothing could ever bring him down
E A space-age clown, he put the meat on the sound


AD The years go by, now I work the land
AD My daughter wants to sing in a rock and roll band
AD That's not exactly what I had planned
E but as I remember, I understand.

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