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I would love to see some videos of users using BIAB live. YouTube has little or nothing. When I finally stop stuffing around, I plan to use BIAB Real Tracks backing me with harmonies on my VoiceLive 2 in an acoustic setting. I also have a Boss Looper (yet to be figured out) and the TC Nova (Fantastic). Right now I just sing and play (lol). What setups are others using?

What sort of places do you plan to play? All of these toys are cool, but in the real world, very complicated for live performance.

Step One: Get a stopwatch: start the timer, pick a song, load it into BIAB, generate it, then set your VoiceLive 2 for whatever harmonies you need, set the parameters on your TC Nova, your Roland guitar synth, and your Boss Looper and hit play. (by the way, your guitar is in tune, and your mic's not feeding back right?) Stop the watch. Time?

Step Two: Pick another song and repeat the process. Remember, you're doing all of this on a dark stage on a tablet.

You might be completely happy with three or five minutes between songs, but if you're playing in a bar, chances are that you've lost your audience by then. Dead air is deadly, unless you are also a very good comedian. grin