After creating a song in BIAB, I drop it into a DAW and add additional parts (if needed). When creating the song in BIAB, I often add a couple of bars of held chords in case I want to use those somewhere in the final mix. Once all is done and the beginning and ending are adjusted to my liking, I save the song as a WAV file and play that through my laptop for live performances.

To me, there are at least three issues with using BIAB in a live performance.
1. Time lag when generating tracks, although locking the parts would help with that.
2. Making sure midi instruments are routed properly.
3. BIAB periodically drops an instrument from the track. Not a major deal in the studio, but a real pain if using it live.

This is what works best for me, but there are other talented people on this board that use a totally different workflow and if it works for them, that's fine with me.


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