"Life's A Dance" is a great 2-song-section template! (I've just been revisiting Steve Seskins' songs and I think that Michaelangelo is an excellent 3-song-section template, too. At one of his seminars, Steve told us about the story on which the song is based. Apparently verse 1 is exactly what happened when he and his wife were in New York once.)

It was a few years ago now, but one of the things that really impressed me at the Seskin seminars was that he has an amazing ability to create emotional intensity through music and lyrics. It might sound strange, but after a number of his performances, just Steve and his guitar, I found myself with a tear in my eye at the end of the song. I don't know how he did it. There were some really cathartic moments and so many of his songs had a feeling of 'pay-off', a sense of 'that was really worth the journey'. I'd love to be able to accomplish that.

In case anyone who's been reading this thread is interested, the below clip is a repost of a link to Steve Seskin talking about the 'Rule of Two'.

Rule of Two

Also, here's a great version of Seskins' song "Life's A Dance". I was going post John Michael Montgomery's hit version but then I stumbled across this one. I like what appears to be more of a 'home studio' approach of James Williams' version.

Life's A Dance

I've been sitting here this morning, putting the lyrics of "Life's A Dance" under the magnifying glass. There's a lot to be learned here for sure!

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