Noel - Thanks for the links! I had never heard Michelangelo before - always great to hear a "new" one from Steve... and the video of Rule of Two made it so obvious....

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Hi Floyd.
Nice tongue in cheek lyrics and a rockin chorus.
Smooth smooth vocals.
Another one for Floyds radio ready collection.

Thanks, Richard...

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Where is the link where he told people how to get those kind of mixes? I sure would like to read this. Thanks!!!!

Just walk your way through my songs, Bob... the info is in answers in the threads - not sure which ones - several, actually... I've pm'd you instructions how to find them more easily...

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What a wonderful write, Floyd!

Lyrical gems and comical imagery everywhere. The whole dang thing had me smiling throughout the whole dang song!!

Cookouts where you keep the grill....If you have to ask the price....just to highlight two in particular.

Oh yeah, your production and your performance ain't too shabby either:)

Well done!

Thank you, Scott... very nice of you....