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There's something about great writing that's hard to put your finger on, but this is it!! It's about something that feels so relaxed and natural and yet works so perfectly. Like a line that's drawn free hand, and makes a perfect circle. Like snowflakes falling out of the sky that join to make some perfect image. This is AWESOME!! I particularly got a kick out of it because it has so many parallels to my marriage. I'm very tall and my wife is short. I lean right and she leans left, although with us, it sometimes gets a little chippy. We've been married 30 years and it has been on balance wonderful. This, like many of Tom's recent posts is a hit, and again, much more than a hit because of humor, wit, and heart. Amazing stuff Tom!! AMAZING!! Take care. Greg
Greg, All of us songwriter's love analogies, so thanks for including a few in your review. i appreciate your words very much. Tom
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Hi Tommy,

a perfect song. Everything fits.
You're right with your anticipation that
this song makes you dance around the house.
How did you do the beginning and ending of the drums? That sounds great.
Very, very enjoyable.

Guenter, After creating the song in Biab, I found some song construction loops and multitrack song files that fit. The drums were what was already there in the loop. In the multitrack drum loops for each song or style, there are usually about 50 loops, intros, outros, verses, choruses,bridges, fills, so it is very easy to construct a full song with custom drums and have them in 7 piece multitrack form. But the real magic happens when you plug in the real tracks on top- they blend in seamlessly, as long as the arrangement matches the SGU. You can't beat real drums for ease of use and overall sound, but I have decided to experiment a bit with song construction loops and multitrack song files as a base and add real tracks and live instruments on top. Of course all the writing initially takes place in Biab. At this point I can't live without it! Thanks, Tom