Hi All.

This song could just as easily have been called - How much fun can you have with a vocoder?
Those of you who heard my last post will remember I used a subtle vocoder effect on the vocals and the same effect is on the chorus voices in this song - it uses modulated white noise to create a soft breeze blowing through the voices. For the verse, I wanted something more aggressive, to make a step-change between the sections, so there's a lot more processing on those voices.

This song is a follow-up to a song I posted a couple of years back and eventually I hope to turn the story into a trilogy. If you want to hear the first song, you can find it HERE.

Many years ago I stood in for a bass player who had broken his arm and in that band the guy on Hammond used to echo phrases that the sax player used in his solos. It annoyed the heck out the sax player, but he couldn't stop him doing it, even though they nearly came to blows one time. Watch out for me doing it to the RT sax solo in this song. It took me back to those happy days!

The project started out in Realband and was mixed and mastered in Powertracks.

She wakes up
Taking her time to dress alone
Tries not to cry
It's not enough
Something inside won't let her go
Tears in her eyes

Foolish girl, it's way too late
There's just so much that a person can take
Foolish girl, you had it all
A lesson learned, now it's your tears that fall.

She reads the note
Goodbye was all he wrote
One word says it all.

As ever, many thanks if you have the time to listen.

Cheers ROG.