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Wow, great song ! Excellent vocals...

Many thanks for the review and nice comments.

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Excellent work and a really great mix!

Thanks, David. Really pleased that you liked it.

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What can we say....
Great groove, professional and very cool use of the vocoder.
We love those strings arpeggios.
And the sax solo sounds great.
One of your best we think!
(Also makes us think of Alan Parsons)

+1! Cool sound ROG.

Many thanks, Josie. Always pleased to get a review from you.

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Phew, a great production and a very enjoyable listen indeed. There's a lot work in there Rog.
Well done that man.


Hi John. A lot of work indeed, but the positive feedback makes it all worthwhile. Many thanks.

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The vocoder gives it that Parsons/ELO vibe, with the strings and drums leaning it a bit more in the ELO direction - but it's certainly not derivative.

I'll be honest - I didn't bother listening for the lyrics, just the general vibe of the song. If you cared about people understanding the lyrics, you might make the unprocessed vocals more in the forefront.

But if you're having having fun with a vocoder... mission accomplished. laugh

Fun listen!

Hi David. Thanks for looking in. Parsons/ELO? Thank you very much! Vocoders are great - you should try one sometime.

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Great production and fun song. Am I remiss in saying this took me back a little bit? Back to the late 70s and 80s?

Good stuff!

Off to listen to it again...

Not remiss at all! I can sometimes get a bit stuck in that period. There was some great music produced in those decades. Many thanks for the review.