PG Radio is here... on SoundCloud ...
- if you don't have a account with your songs, please get a account, and then post all your song links in a single message so we can add them to the radio playlist!
- if you do have a account with your songs, and have been using the links with your User Showcase posts, there's nothing you need to do, since we can find the posts and add the links to the PG Radio.

Hi All,

As you may know, we've been wanting to start some kind of radio station, to showcase the 4,000+ songs on The User Showcase. We've tried out various station formats like Radionomy etc. At the end of the day, we've decided to use SoundCloud. This will allow us to have radio stations (Called playlists), and we'll be able to load them up with hundreds of links to the User Showcase songs that will play like a radio station, in random order. But this will only work if you have uploaded your songs to

You'd be able to have the music playing in the background as you use other programs, or play on your iPhone etc.

We plan to have stations like "Recent", "Featured", "Jazz", "Pop", "Country"

We plan on launching the stations in a week or so, which will appear as buttons on the top of the User Showcase forum.

The main point is that only about 50% of our users have accounts. So if you don't have a soundCloud account, and you'd like to see your songs on PG Radio, yyou should create a account (Free) and upload your songs to there. And then make a single post in the UserShowcase forum that lists all the links to your songs on soundcloud.

===== sample post to UserShowcase after you've made your account and uploaded your songs
I've created my soundCloud account, and uploaded my songs to and here are the links. All of these songs were posted to the User Showcase previously.
Here are the song links

Title SoundCloud link
Where are you now
Just Say Hello
(etc. etc)
====================== end of sample post ====================

Have Fun!
Peter Gannon
PG Music Inc.