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Hi Rob,

Very catchy song. The groove, the music and the arrangement are excellent. As always, your performance is terrific. Is it possible to post the lyrics? I couldn't quite catch all the words.

Nice trip through Queensland along the Sunshine Highway!!

All the best,

Hi Noel.
lad you liked the song. You are spot on about the location.

Her are the lyrics for you.

Dont wake me up Im driving.

Im driving late with an overload my are heavy and start to close Im driving hard to get back home to you.
I push the needle into the red three long days since I rest my head.
I dont beleive the things I do for you.

Those beaming lights hurt eyes Im working hard neath midnight skies.
If you asked me know I wouldnt know my name.

Im pushing hard this old road train through the sleet the mud the snow and rain.
You know theres nothing else I know to do.

Please dont wake me up im driving driving hard to back home to you.
No Please dont wake me up Im driving doubling all the gears to get me through.

A rear wheel is flogging tread the oil light is burning red the trailor lights keep turning off and on.
My log books seven days behind monies low from traffic fines.
Im sure keen to get back home to you.

Now the traffic started moving slow the diesel fuel is running low.
Get out my way or else Im coming through.
Your the one thing on my mind and Im running behind time.
Nothing else will stop me getting through.