I was encouraged by a recent review of another song sounding "huge" in the monitors. This song was written to sound huge, but the original mix was done on a DP24, with all the faders pushed up and no finessing. This time I mixed it on Pro Tools, with complete automation and a new compressor (the Klanghelm, a real bargain at $27). This song is part of an "opera" called See Rock City, and was arranged and recorded in homage to Quadrophenia. Bob Brigham sings the Daltrey parts. I have no BB memo for this, the drums, bass, rhythm guitars and piano are BB.


Looking for a Friend
with Bob Brigham on vocals
from the rock opera See Rock City

AmDGC GAmG - piano intro
G DC rock intro
sequencer intro

AmDG I never claimed to be the face
CG I'm just a stranger in this place
AmD And I can't tell exactly where I've been
AmDG The girls all seem to pass me by
CG I don't have time to wonder why
AmG I just lay back and start again

EmCFG Here on the island I'm a face in the crowd
EmCFAm With the lines too heavy, the clothes too loud
GEmCD And the hoods in the park keep their knives sharp waiting for me

EmCFG The loose joint gents eat turkey all day
EmCFAm and the 8th street loonie's looking for some change
GEmCD Anyone can tell you this ain't the way it should be


AmDG CG Maybe you re waiting for a line, a bit of favor, valentine
AmD I cannot tell you what I do not feel
AmDG But things I feel I cannot say
CG The time too short, can t find the way
AmG To let you know the words are real

CGDG And I ll go on pushing the cart through the
CD Lonely streets of sad New York
GDAm I belong, I ve been pushed to the ground for so long
CEmG That I've grown strong

AmDG I never saw you raise your eye
CG I didn t call, you didn t cry
AmD Is this the way that it's supposed to end
AmDG I never claimed to be the face
CG I'm just a stranger in this place
AmG Looking for a friend
AmG I'm looking for a friend
AmG Looking for a friend
ProTools 12, Faderport 8, Melodyne, JBL monitors, Novation UltraNova, Yamaha MX49, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Rickenbacker 12, Ovation 12, Vox VT20X amp