Act 4.

A David Snyder/floyd jane co-write.

David originally posted this song as "somewhat a joke".
I suggested he take it a bit more seriously and work it as such. Others said the same.
He did a new version (making some changes and adding a bridge).
Someone else lead him to a new direction and he again reworked the song in an alt/rock manner.
I felt that it could have gone "the other direction" - more Country.

So I ask if he would allow me to re-work it (one more time).
Hopefully, y'all won't mind hearing the story one more time..with a new (old) twist (style)...

The BAIB stuff...

RealTracks in song: 366:Bass, Electric, Country Ev 065
RealTracks in song: 836:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AltCountryRootsy Ev 075 (A:muted)
RealTracks in song: 2542:Pedal Steel, Background ModernBalladAtmosphere Ev16 065
RealDrums in Song: NashvilleEven8^1-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride

I played the acoustic guitars. - a note to the PGMUSIC folks... this style of acoustic (for slow tempos) is not (yet) found in BIAB...

Janice Merritt provided the harmony.


there's a bible on the dresser
beside an empty whiskey jar
i stare out the window
where she used to park her car
she left tire tracks etched
into a dusty country road
and tucked inside her bible
a handwritten note

   read this bible
   startin' on page one
   don't come looking for me
   we're done
   you need it more than i do
   caught in some devil's spell
   read this book, do what it says
   you might not go to hell

i set down that whiskey glass
picked up my phone
daddy answered "what you want?
your mama isn't home."
but mama got on the line
asked me what i'd done
said if i was you i'd read that note again
and memorize it son

   read that bible
   startin' on page one
   don't go looking for her
   let her go, that's done
   you need it more than she does
   to break that devil's spell
   read that book, do what it says
   crawl out of your hell

yeah i know that my hell raisin'
led me into sin
i pray i'll be forgiven
and i'll see that girl again

there's a bible on dresser
beside an empty whiskey jar
so now all that i got left
of what was written on her heart
are tire tracks forever
etched into a dusty road
and tucked inside her bible
all i need to know

©2016 david snyder and floyd jane

David - thanks for letting me stick my nose in your business...
Janice - thanks for backing me up!!! (and Bud).

Comments welcomed.
Have at it.