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Hi Tommy,
it's always a treat to see a new Tommy Adams song on the showcase... I hate that this time it's a song of grieving.

The lyrics are cleverly written... I'm guessing it's intentional that they could be interpreted very widely and applied to the end of any relationship. That probably wouldn't have occurred to me, but in retrospect, it seems like a creative decision that would increase the appeal of the song.

I really liked the way the guitar echoes the fiddle. Must have taken a bit of work to make that happen, but wow! What a payoff!

Your backing vocals are so seamless I had to listen a few times before I noticed them. I like the fact that they have their own mini melody, not just the usual simple ooohs and aaahs across a single chord.

Thanks for sharing your tip about the piano and pedal steel playing held chords... and for providing specific real tracks to use for the effect

There is a realness to your music that I don't hear in everybody's posts. When you write about loss, the pain actually makes it through the mix. What a powerful attribute for a song writer to possess!
Pat, I did change a few lyrics to make the song more universal, so that it wasn't just about a dog. The guitar and the fiddle are loops. The backing vocal is me on high harmony with a single vocal loop. It does require some cut and pasting and the all important nudge. Thanks for your kind words. Tom