I'm re-posting my songs so I can update the links to my Soudcloud page... since all my songs have been deleted from the site I originally used. I will do this gradually so as not to overwhelm or be disrespectful of other posters. smile

Here's a progression I've had in my head for several months now, but I didn't have any lyrics. So a couple of weeks ago I come up with an idea for an "On Fire Love"... Which includes most of the clichés you could imagine. wink

This is not the feel I had in my head for this song, but after messing around with quite a few different styles... I decided this was a pretty cool way to do it. cool I mention that because someone posted recently that they couldn't get BIAB to do what they were hearing in their head and it was bothering them. I'm sure we've all had that problem... I don't think of that as a problem anymore. I just let BIAB be a tool to help me expand on what I hear in my head. grin Anyway just my .02 on that.

I've listed the RT's below, other than that it's me on the vocals and my Telecaster "Trigger" on leads & fills.

All comments welcome.


RT427 Bass, Acoustic
RT431 Guitar, Acoustic, Strum
RT428 Fiddle, Rhythm
RT434 Fiddle, Soloist
RT590 Banjo (Rhythm)
RT2024 Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm


On Fire Love

©2014 Words & Music: Greg Achord

I often wonder just how do you know for sure

I’m looking for a sign

Could this be real or just another fantasy

That’s messin’ with my mind

I think it’s real cause there’s a spark I feel down deep inside

It’s smolderin’ for you

Where there’s smoke there’s fire I’m just hopin’

That you feel it too

A burnin’ arrow has pierced my heart

I got an on fire love for you

And I don’t think there’s a way to put it out

It’s stuck in deep and I just can’t keep

From letting’ you know

I tell you girl I got an on fire love for you

There’s those who say the heart just will infatuate

You gotta’ learn to read the signs

They’re all around you it’s a chemical imbalance

Of the romance kind

Some times your heart sees clearly but your mind don’t know

Is it true / Is it right

I’ve struck a match for you now just sit back

And watch our love ignite

(Chorus) (Ride) (Chorus) tag