Hi guys,
is my new submission, I think it's in the jazz category.

I used:
_LALOIRE.STY. La Loire EZ Jazz Ballad

RD: JazzSwingLewis^01-a:Brushes, Snare , b:Brushes Swirl, Busy Snare :Lewis Nash
RT2311: Bass, Acoustic, JazzBalladRonA-B Sw 085 , Ron Carter
RT743: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw 060 (A:simple) , Miles Black
RT937: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzBalladFreddie Sw 060 , Oliver Gannon

I also added:
RT492 Trombone, Jazz Ballad Sw 085 (fantastic !!!)
RT484 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw 085

Plus, my own guitar melody lines (both acoustic and electric), a violin melody line and a strings arrangement.

It's a very melodic track (instrumental), romantic and a little bit nostalgic too.
I really liked this melody, so I wanted it to develop quite a bit with different instruments, that's why the track is probably a bit too long, I know. But I think of it as a sort of a theme or a soundtrack for a romantic film or something like that.
By the way, that Trombone real track is really phenomenal, and I think it goes very well with the style.
Hope you enjoy it.
BIAB 2018 Audiophile edition
Win 7, 64 bit