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Hello, floyd

Very strong song. Your vocal is so professional.
Acoustic Guitar at intro. is so nice.
Little reverb is favorable.
The combination of Drums and Percussion is very pleasant.
Enjoyed my listen a lot.

Best Regards.

Shigeki Adachi

Shigeki Adachi - Thank you for those very kind words. The GroovyFolk guitar is overlooked, I think - a good choice for an acoustic for certain songs - it play interesting patterns (quite James Taylor-ish). The Percussion RDs fit nicely with many of the regular Drum RDs and give a song better movement...

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It's already been said a thousand times but you are the master of this kind of song.

I love your use of harmonies and all the little details that make a difference.

Well done!


Thanks, Rec - I always appreciate you dropping in for a listen... and thanks for noticing the details...