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Another great track. I've only been a user of biab for two months but I'm in aw of you all. I've listened to yourself a lot and make you the bench mark for my songs and recordings. Total respect for all the talent on here keep it up guys

Thanks, John. We do have a bunch of very talented writers and producers who post here - a lot of variety - and creativity - giving us all new ideas about how to use BIAB... it is a truly wonderful forum...

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Wow Floyd, this is a perfect 'crossover' - pop with a country flavor. Exceptional lyrics, very strong write and a great mix and arrangement. Everything falls right into place. Vocals and harmonies are superb.

I like this one a lot.


Charlie - thank you for that very nice review...

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You let this one out of the barn on the day we were battling rain and some wind... and no power and no internet.

Nice work as is usual from you.

Thanks, Herb - glad you made it through it without too much effect. We were fortunate that it stayed far enough east that it had little effect here...

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Floyd, this is a great song. It effectively tells a story and the vocal is very good. Nice job of building the instrumentation as it went along and great mix. Thanks, Torrey.

Torrey - I really appreciate all that...