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good one bud.

the lyrics on the song and arrangement.

Top notch.

I am a bit apprehensive to comment ....now.

Been away working from home and

came back on the forum and seen what my last post had caused

but I enjoyed this.

And had to comment.

Take care.

colly - I appreciate all of that, for sure... thanks!

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Loving the guitar solo as I write this. You really set the bar for tasteful songwriting and production. It's always great to hear your tracks.

Thanks, Matcham... I think that guitar solo RT is especially nice - thanks for pointing it out....

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What can I say that has not been said? Terrific voice that has somehow found the ideal lyrical and musical styles to allow it to reach the heights.
I am working a bit on constructing bridges and composing fills. Haven't found a better teacher than your tracks; so, thanks.

Thanks, ed - that is nice of you to say...